Best Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings: What’s available, and which ones should you buy?

How does a guitar sound great? It’s not just about who’s strumming the guitar, it’s also about the body woods, amps, and the strings that contribute to the beautiful sound. If you play the nicest guitar on the market with old strings it won’t sound any better than an old Johnson. For those who don’t already know this, the guitar strings are what really makes it sing. Having a good set of strings is crucial for a crisp and quality tone. If you’re looking to achieve the best quality of sound for your guitar you came to the right place. It isn’t easy looking for best essentials, such as picks, strings, or amps because the market is huge. We took the honor and chose the top guitar strings on the market this year, and put together buyers guide to help make your buying process effortless.

musician using new guitar strings
A musician using new guitar strings

How to Choose the Right Guitar Strings?

Picking out the best guitar strings is not easy. Don’t be fooled by any articles that date before 2013, because the market drastically changes as each year passes. Every year there is a new and better version of the guitar strings you bought last year. The only way to go about this right is by reading up-to-date reviews and staying in the loop of what’s new on the market. If you are an avid guitar player, you need to replace your strings every three months. Some strings can last three times that long, however, they may start to break. What this means is you better get good at finding the right strings because you will need to buy them more often then you may think. Don’t worry, we have exactly what you need to look out for when choosing the perfect set of strings:

Gouges: Heavy, Light, and Medium

Gouges refer to the size of the string, or in simple terms, the thickness of the string. There are three main thicknesses, heavy light, and medium. This essentially means there is no such thing as a defined gauge. Basically saying Elixir’s strings will not be the same as D’Addario’s; they are all different from each other. The gauge will be listed in the following format; 10-46, or .010-.046. It’s important to understand that acoustic guitars generally have thicker gauges and electric guitars have light to medium gauges.


Before you go looking for strings, you need to understand that there is a difference between electric, bass, and acoustic guitar. If you are a beginner player then is important for you to learn the material you need for your guitar. Generally electric and bass guitars need nickel-plated steel, or pure nickel strings to produce the most quality sound. For acoustic guitars, the best material for your strings is bronze and phosphor bronze.


In addition to looking for the right material, you also want to check for special coating for protection purposes. This is optional, your strings do not need coatings, however, it is beneficial. These coatings will give your strings a prolonged lifespan and much smoother and comfortable feel.

Top Guitar Strings

To assist your buying process, we have chosen the top five strings on the market today. Apply the knowledge you just gained, and buy the best pair of guitar strings:

1. D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor

The best-rated pair of strings on the market today are the D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor. With a .012-.053 gauge, these strings are made out of a high-quality phosphor bronze. This is D’Addario’s most popular set and comes in an EXP coated series tripling its lifespan.

2. Martin-MSP4100

These pair of strings are for the purpose of a long life. The next top rated pair on the market is the Martin-MSP4100. These bad boys are made out of phosphor bronze, with a light gauge. These Martin strings are made to enhance your guitar’s tone with a warm and rich sound.

3. Ernie Ball 2221 Regular

The Ernie Ball 2221 Regular strings are a great choice. They are made with a regular gouge and pure nickel. These strings are used by legends around the world. With its element shield packaging, it prolongs the string life and keeps it as fresh as the day they were made.

4. DR NMCE-10 DR Neon

If you have a bass guitar, these are the ones for you. The best bass strings on the market are the DRNMCE-10 DR Neon. With a medium gauge and bright tone, you will enjoy having crisp and quality tones.

5. Fender 3150R Original Bullets

The classic Fender bullets are the next most popular choice among guitarists. The Fender Bullets are made from pure nickel with a light gauge.

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