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Whether it’s for you, a student, or your child, having a personal tutor in Prescott can be very beneficial, and it offers many assurances. For one, it allows for the introduction and explanation of subjects on a one-on-one basis. This oftentimes makes the difference as to whether you pass or fail a subject or a test. There are many ways to go about securing the perfect personal tutor for a student. This article aims to be a suggestion to you that a tutor could be beneficial, and maybe you could take it from there. We will also list some of the criteria of a good tutor and how to go about finding good candidates.


If a student is in need of extra assistance with one or more subjects to ensure they do well in school, whether it be online, or at a traditional elementary, middle or high school, then private tutoring can help.

There are sites online where you can go to hire a tutor for you. You can see all the recommendations and reviews from the tutors past students, and this should help you decide on a tutor. By choosing a tutor from such a site, you have a few guarantees. For instance, if the tutor doesn’t meet your needs, then the site may supply you with another tutor free of charge.

Another way to find a Prescott tutor is by seeing a flyer that the tutor has put up somewhere. All you have to do is call the number, email, or visit the website to set up an appointment. In such cases, it is best if the tutor gives you some references, such as testimonials from past students, or offers to put you in contact with past students so you can verify the teacher’s abilities.

You can also place an ad yourself for a tutor, and see what you come up with. Craigslist is a good place to both place an ad or find tutors who are offering their services. When you place an ad, you may have much better results if you explain the subject or subjects that you need help with. Also, researching the usual budget for such tutoring is a good idea too. This way, you can detail how much you are looking to pay when you place your add.


When you find a tutor, you need to decide whether you want to invite the tutor into your home or whether you want to meet in a library to study. Online tutoring where you hold sessions over Skype is also popular. If you are an adult and you feel satisfied with the references from the tutor, then you may be comfortable with private sessions at your home. If you are hiring a tutor for a child, then the tutor could come over when you are home, and you could oversee the lessons from a distance.


Parents also look for tutors to teach their children at home full time. This gives them some peace of mind, and they don’t have to worry about their child’s safety at a public school. If the teacher has the right credentials, then he or she can teach children according to state requirements.


When going over testimonials from a tutor’s past students, it is a good sign if the tutor is praised for being punctual, friendly and patient. You also want a tutor who has been praised for teaching and explaining subjects in a way that the student really understands the subject and has the confidence to be quizzed on the subject.

Our Prescott tutors can help you grasp any subject better. There are tutors available for:

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Tutors in Flagstaff, AZ

How and Why Are Tutors in Flagstaff, Arizona Important For Learning?

Far too many students and parents believe that tutors are unnecessary. Sometimes, individuals don’t want to pay for tutoring. Others believe they can teach themselves a given subject or skill. The simple fact is that tutors provide a valuable service that’s often underrated today. For countless reasons, tutors are important for the learning process. A tutor can teach another person new subjects and guide them through a given discipline until concepts are understood.


Why are tutors so important today?

Tutors are experts in their field of study.

Professional tutors know a thing or two about their fields. In fact, they’re often experts in a given subject. Knowledge and teaching skills allow these individuals to guide others that aren’t experts. Any person with in-depth knowledge of a subject could be a tutor, technically speaking. Therefore, students and others in need of assistance can find tutors everywhere for every subject.

Tutoring isn’t exclusive for students.

Typically, people see tutors in the traditional teacher-student role. Tutors offer their services to everyone, though. Students receive tutoring in academic subjects like calculus and humanities. However, others can acquire tutoring for work-related tasks and responsibilities. Tutoring is open to everyone, not just students. Plenty of people fail to realize this fact, though.

Students and others sometimes need guidance.

The main argument against tutoring is that it’s unnecessary. For this argument, detractors say they can teach themselves a subject or skill. That’s not always the case, and countless individuals require a guiding hand. A tutor helps pupils look at things another way or through another focus to learn the material. Also, tutors focus on the underlying principles for a given subject to promote mastery.

There’s always room for improvement.

Most students have a basic to intermediate knowledge of a given subject. Still, the average person is nowhere near a master for a field of study. Room for improvement always exists, and tutors can assist pupils in reaching that next level of understanding. If an individual wants to master a subject, then current masters of that field are the best source to learn from.

Tutors don’t cost a small fortune every time.

It’s a common belief that tutors overcharge clients. Sure, tutoring costs money, but it’s not outrageously expensive. Tutors charge rates based upon their experience and the demand for their services. Potential clients can expect to pay for quality service, but that’s true of everything. Plus, a client doesn’t require tutoring for an indefinite period of time. A session here and there is more than affordable.

Learning doesn’t end after school or work.

Tutors are available throughout the day and night. Depending upon a person’s needs, a tutor with such availability often exists. Each person should continue the learning process long after school or work ends. Tutors can act as a tool for supplemental learning, if that’s what an individual desires. Learning is a continuous process, regardless of subject, and that’s true throughout a person’s life.

Does everyone need a Flagstaff tutor?

Millions of people can benefit from a tutor’s lessons across various subject matters. The average person will acquire amateur or professional tutoring at some point in life. Then again, many individuals never utilize a tutor. A student or other person will benefit most from a tutor when they’re studying an academic subject or looking to learn a new skill. Tutoring is especially useful for those that are working on a given subject but cannot fully grasp its concepts.

Tutors And The Learning Process Go Hand in Hand

Skilled tutors further the learning process and provide pupils with vital assistance. Their insight and extensive knowledge on a given field make this possible. When the learning process stalls for a person, tutors clear up confusion and misunderstandings. In the end, it’s not difficult to see how and why tutors are important for learning. Students and non-students alike can benefit from their services. We have top notch tutors in Flagstaff, AZ ready to help you today! Contact our local tutors ASAP to increase your knowledge.

3 Tips to Become a More Effective Math Tutor
Being a tutor is an activity that carries more responsibility and requires a more specific skill set than most ever consider. By putting the following tips into practice, any math tutor can become better.

Know Your Math

Most people think that anyone who can work out problems better than the student in question is qualified to be a tutor. While this attitude may be fine for group study sessions, acting as a formal tutor requires more. In an individual instruction situation like tutoring, how well the student retains the material is largely reliant on the student’s trust in the knowledge of the tutor. If the tutor is constantly stymied by good topical questions, the student may develop the attitude that the tutoring sessions are pointless. The resulting lack of focus and effort can make this a self fulfilling prophecy, causing both the student and tutor to look bad.

Make it a point to know as much as possible about everything associated with the concepts to be covered. People respect an expert and will trust the study advice coming from such an individual.

Know Your Student

One huge advantage individual tutoring holds over a classroom environment is that the lesson can be tailored to that student’s strengths and tendencies instead of just putting the material out there and letting a room full of students make of it what they will. The difference between an average tutor and a great one is taking the time to understand what those strengths and tendencies are and taking advantage of them.

Before the actual tutoring begins, have a chat about the student’s history. Learn what math the student most likes and dislikes and what math the student has been most and least successful practicing. Many extremely intelligent students breeze through their early schooling without the need for study. Such a student may make effortless high grades and suddenly fall behind when encountering math types that require many complex formulas to be memorized. On the other end of the spectrum, a student who has been barely hanging on by studying incessantly may need more help making basic calculations more efficient. Understanding where to focus will be a great help in making tutoring sessions as fruitful as possible.

Don’t Stop at How. Explain Why.

Why do people require tutoring? Isn’t it just the same material covered in class? Is more time doing the same thing going to make a real difference?

In a classroom environment, because the attention of the teacher is split between many students, the routine is often: Here’s the problem, here’s the answer. Anyone who does not understand, come ask me for help. Even for students willing to admit to the rest of the class that they are clueless, the teacher walks them through solving that particular problem without thoroughly explaining things because he or she needs to move on to the next student.

A tutor, on the other hand, is in a better position to explain more than the quickest path to solving that particular problem. The tutor can help the student grasp how to apply the principle to future problems.

Avoid simply saying something like, “Since this exponent is inside the parentheses, just add the exponents inside and outside the parentheses together.”

A better solution for a tutor would be something like, “Putting the number within parentheses is math shorthand for multiplying everything inside parentheses by itself a number of times equal to the outer exponent. Because the number in parentheses in this case is a simple exponent, you can add the two exponents together. If there is something more complex within the parentheses, it may help to write out the longhand form to see what is really going on.”

By applying these three tips, a tutor can make the jump from a last resort to an in-demand resource for students who really want to improve their math skills.