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4 Benefits You’ll Get from Using a French Tutor

What do you get out of using a French tutor near you that you wouldn’t get through a classroom, language tapes, website, or an online course? Here are four benefits from hiring and using a French tutor near you that no other instructional delivery method can give you.

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  1. French education at your own pace

The ability to learn and master a new language, especially one that is as difficult as French, is a challenging one. It’s confusing, to say the least, as well as being overwhelming. One of the major benefits of using a French tutor is that you’ll be able to learn French at your own pace. The pace of a French language class can be pretty quick. The teacher has lesson plans to get through, tests to deliver, and there are only so many hours in a week for you to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Conversely, you might find you love French and want the class to move along quicker! You’re eager to learn this language.

With the individualized instruction of a French tutor, you can take the pace of learning French into your own hands. You can speed it up or slow it down, tailoring the education to your own needs. This is invaluable for language learning, since a lot of it revolves around memorization and repetition. But you need extra time to memorize vocabulary words. Use a French tutor to help you, and your mastery of the language improves dramatically.

  1. It’s okay to ask your French tutor questions

In French language classes at school, the instructor usually teaches in French as well. While this might help immerse students in the language, it can also be a barrier for others to learn. Students who struggle learning French (and there are many!) won’t have the confidence to speak it and ask questions along the way.

It’s difficult to overcome a degree of social anxiety, so that you can comfortably raise your hand and get the answers you’re seeking. Or, you could have been sick and missed classes. Unfortunately, this means you could fall behind or miss something important in the class that then becomes the foundation for more advanced learning. Language is built on the basics, and if those aren’t mastered first, then that creates problems when the sentence structure becomes more complicated.

So, hiring a local French tutor near you takes care of that problem. It’s just the two of you, so it’s okay and you are encouraged to ask all the questions you need. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the language construction, which will aid in both speaking and writing. You can also go back over previous lessons and ask all the questions you need to truly understand the language you’re speaking.

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  1. French tutor’s help with pronunciation

You’re so used to thinking, reading, speaking, and writing in English, that most word pronunciation is automatic. But when you’re learning French, that language has a completely different style of pronunciation. The vowels sound different, there are accented letters, the words in French sentence structure are arranged in a different order than English, and the language has its own rhythmic cadence that’s very different from English.

In essence, you’re learning new symbols and discovering the meaning behind those symbols. In a French class, there’s only so much time to spend on correct pronunciation before you’re on to the next part of the lesson.

But with a French tutor, one wonderful benefit is that you’re sitting close to someone who can help you enunciate each word and phrase until you get them exactly right. The value of someone being nearby is You can use repetition to your advantage, since that’s all part of learning a new language. By repeating the correctly pronounced words, you’ll remember them. You’re also committing the time you spend with your tutor to memory, making it easier to recall those correct words and phrases when it’s time to take a test. Of course, you will speak better French, too!

  1. French lessons are challenging, but not discouraging

You’ve spent your entire life, up until this point, using one language. You think in English, speak in English, write in English, and read in English. The entire culture supports an English-speaking environment as well. So that is why it can be so difficult to learn French. It feels highly unnatural to start using brand-new words for grammar and spelling.

Also, if you are struggling with French, the lessons and classes are primarily taught in the language as well. Some students get discouraged by this and are reluctant to raise their hands for fear of embarrassment, ridicule, or the teacher being unable to give one-on-one instruction.

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Hiring a French tutor near you becomes so helpful due to these factors. A tutor can go at your pace, encourage you to ask questions, improve your pronunciation, and help you speak French better. All of these reasons for using a tutor close to you make learning French a welcome challenge, not a discouragement.

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