Learn How to Hold a Guitar

Learning how to play guitar makes for a great hobby and even profession. If you are a beginner, we suggest you learn how to properly hold a guitar before moving forward to actual playing. At first, there may be many challenges you will encounter. Simply remember that practice makes perfect and once you master down how to hold a guitar, it will make the rest of the process easier.

Why Proper Holding of a Guitar Is Important

This may not seem very important, however, when a guitar is held improperly not only will it create bad habits for the player, but it will also cause body pain down the road. Improper holding of a guitar – including posture – can result in neck, back, arm, shoulder or wrist pain.

Like exercise or working out at a gym, when your technique is incorrect, and you don’t fix it right way, you develop bad habits that are often difficult to get rid of. This means you are exposing yourself to getting hurt or developing muscular problems down the road.


The Importance of Your Sitting Position

Let’s start talking basics! You want to begin with a comfortable sitting position. Pull over your favorite chair and have a seat. With your feet resting on the floor, keep your back straight before bringing the waist of the guitar on top of your leg. If you are right handed, you’ll want to place in on your right leg and vice versa if you are left handed.


Keep in mind that the back of the guitar should fall nicely on your stomach or chest. Play around with it until you find a comfortable position. Make sure that the neck of the guitar is horizontal to the floor. Once you have this down you’re set to learn the basics of hand positions and consequently begin learning how to play.


Every day, practice picking up your guitar and bringing it to the correct position until you before so comfortable with holding your guitar that it becomes second nature. This is a crucial step in learning how to play guitar because improper posture can lead to bad practice habits. The last thing you want are the uncomfortable side effects or muscle pains we discussed earlier.


Additional Tips

There are a few other things you can do to make this an easy, enjoyable process. For instance, consider investing in a footstool. This will give you better control of the guitar and make it more comfortable to hold. Very inexpensive, you can pick up a footstool at any music store or online. If you want to play standing up, consider buying a strap. You can obtain a decent strap for as little as $15.


Another useful tip is watching videos and tutorials online if you are unsure of how to hold a guitar. Or you can also call a friend, relative, or even a teacher with experience and spend some time with them perfecting your form. Trust us, this will pay off in the long haul!

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