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What is the MCAT and Where Do I Start?

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a national standardized test designed to gauge the knowledge of medical school applicants on basic concepts in science, their problem solving and critical writing skills. It’s a requirement to be passed before moving into a U.S medical school and it is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The MCAT is composed of four main content areas where the applicant is to be tested.

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Hire an MCAT tutor!

Before you take the MCAT, it is highly recommended that you hire a private tutor to help you prepare for the exam. Since your score is so important, we suggest setting aside time and money to hire a private tutor to spend at least a few hours with you going over the test set up, content, and structure. These lessons will dramatically improve your confidence and your score. If you’d like to hire a private MCAT tutor, please follow the link on this page for finding an MCAT teacher near you.

The main content areas that are tested at the MCAT exam includes:

– Physical Sciences (physical and general chemistry)

– Verbal Reasoning

– Biological Sciences (biology and organic chemistry)

– Writing Samples

The first three sections of the content areas come in a multiple-choice format. The applicants are graded based on the number of questions answered correctly and not on the number of errors like in some exams. The three scores are then converted to scaled scores rated on a 15-point scale with 0 being the lowest and 15 being the highest score.

The MCAT is quite important in the Medical School Application and for most medical schools in the United States, it is weighted as heavily as the GPA. This is not so as common in Canada, because Medical schools in Canada do not place a lot of emphasis on the MCAT like those in the U.S do. Yet, you might find a couple of medical schools in Canada setting a minimum MCAT score standard that an applicant must achieve before they can be considered for the school.

How to Know When You Are Ready to Take the MCAT

The AAMC including a number of well-standardized test preparation companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review have a free practice test questions or what you could call proctored MCAT practice test. You can also order for updated versions of actually retired MCAT exams through the AAMC.

Your scores on these practices test will help you spot your weaknesses and strengths before taking the actual MCAT itself. If you do score some few points to your goal score, you may want to consider taking the MCAT, but if you’re still way off the mark of your desired test score, you might want to consider moving your test date.

Another strategy you can use to decide whether or not you’re ready to take the MCAT is by moving from pure content review to practicing MCAT-style questions. Here, you want to ensure you’re solely focused on using strategies and fine-tuning your test-taking abilities. It takes a lot of practice and effort but once you’re used to it, you should be spitting out equations and concepts with ease.

How to find a professional MCAT teacher near you:

Find a tutor that provides private MCAT lessons near you, by following the button on this page. We work with hundreds of amazing tutors, and the MCAT tutors are no short of incredible. To get the best score, you simply need to work with an amazing teacher that can help set up a specific lesson plan for your individual needs.