6 Reasons to Hire a Tutor Over Summer Break

Should you hire a tutor for your child over summer break? The summer is a great time to relax and de-stress, but a summer tutor can also have many benefits on a child’s academics.

If you’re unsure whether or not a summer tutor is right for your family, these six reasons to hire one will help you decide!

1. Hiring a Summer Tutor Will Help Your Student Retain Information

Two to three months without school is a long time, and your child can forget lessons they worked hard to learn during the previous academic year.

In fact, the New York Times reports that “Decades of research confirm that summer learning loss is real. According to a report released last month by the RAND Corporation, the average summer learning loss in math and reading for American students amounts to one month per year.”

To prevent this, hire a math tutor near you over the summer to keep the gears turning in your child’s brain and ensure they don’t fall behind.

2. Summer Tutors Can Help Your Child Get Ahead

By ensuring that your child doesn’t forget their lessons in the summer, you’re also helping them get ahead. Many teachers start the school year with a review period. For your child, this will cement the information and help them build a strong foundation of knowledge to start the school year strong.

3. Students Can Learn Topics That Aren’t Covered in Class

The school year is finite and a lot of topics, experiments, and field trips need to be cut out of the itinerary to fit in mandatory courses and standardized testing. Now you can hire a summer tutor to cover the topics that never came up during the school year.

Ask your child what interests them and then your tutor can make it fun. Supplement a biology lesson with a trip to the zoo, a chemistry lesson with baking experiments in the kitchen, and much more.

4. A Summer Tutor Can Instill Good Study Habits

Did you know the often-cited statistic that habits take two weeks to form is actually a myth? In reality, Forbes explains that “Highly successful people have learned to develop good habits, and it takes discipline, courage and hard work on a daily basis to keep those habits in place.”

So, after months of teaching your child to get up, study, and work hard every day, it’s a shame to let that good habit go to waste. A break is well-deserved, but keeping your child in the habit of reading, learning, and stretching their mind once or twice a week during the summer can’t hurt either.

5. A Summer Tutor Can Give Insight Into Your Child’s Learning Process

In a classroom full of kids, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Because of that, one-on-one tutoring over the summer will give you a much better insight into your child’s academic levels and learning process than their teachers might see. Then, you can use this information to help your child learn in the ways that fit them best and excel during the school year.

6. A Summer Tutor Can Help Your Kid Learn to Ask Questions

Speaking up in front of a crowd can be scary, especially for children. However, in a summer tutoring lesson, your child will be more comfortable asking questions.

In these one-on-one classes, children can gain self-confidence and learn that it’s ok to ask for extra help. Then, when the school year starts, they can transition these new skills into the classroom and become more active participants in their lessons.

Hiring a Tutor Over Summer Break Will Help Your Child Get Ahead

These six reasons make it clear that hiring a summer tutor can help your child succeed in many different ways.

Continuing their studies over summer will help them retain information that’s usually lost over the long break and get ahead by building a stronger foundation during the review process in class. Additionally, hiring a summer tutor also gives your child a chance to learn subjects and lessons that aren’t covered in the school syllabus and will instill good study habits in your child that might otherwise wane during the summer months.

Finally, one-on-one tutoring over the summer can provide a deeper insight into your child’s learning process and instill confidence and curiosity in them as well. Keep these benefits in mind, and then hire a tutor near you to help your child succeed today!

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