Tutors in Henderson, Nevada

Finding the Right Tutor in Henderson for Your Child and Your Budget

More and more parents are discovering that tutors are great resources for helping kids do better in school and that tutoring help doesn’t have to be expensive.

Before searching for a tutor, think about the kind of help your child needs. If your child is struggling with a single concept or section in one subject, short term help or help from another child who “gets” that concept or section may be all that is needed. If your child is struggling consistently in one subject, focus on tutors with expertise in that subject. If school in general is a struggle, your child may need help developing learning skills such as study habits, or it may be that the approach in the classroom focuses on reading a textbook or listening to explanations from a teacher when your child learns best visually or from experimenting and doing things. If your child is doing well but is bored, a tutor can keep your child engaged by presenting more challenging assignments. An educational assessment can help define your child’s needs.

To reduce the cost of hiring a tutor, check to see if local schools or groups like the YMCA have tutoring programs. If not, contact parents with children who have needs that match those of your child and ask if they would like to hire a tutor to work with the children as a group.

To find good Henderson, Nevada tutors, ask for recommendations from teachers, school counselors, and other parents. Online referral services allow you to search for local tutors by criteria such as location, area of expertise, and fees. Some tutors interact with their students online, eliminating location as a factor. The right tutor for your child will have worked with children of the same age as your child, will have expertise in the subject in which your child needs help or a challenge, will understand your child’s learning style and utilize it when working with your child, and will have a personality that harmonizes with your child’s personality. Always ask a tutor for references.

You can find the tutor your child needs within your budget. Check out our blog on 6 Reasons to Hire a Tutor Over Summer Break.

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