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6 Tips for Finding the Best Private Tutors in Salt Lake City

Whether your child is struggling with a particular subject or you just want to enrich his or her level of education, finding the right tutor can be tough. Particularly if you are making the investment in a private tutor, you want to make sure that you find an individual with the knowledge and skills that you need to best benefit your child. Recognize that you and your child have unique needs and that different tutors have different areas of expertise and even demeanor. So, before hiring anyone, be sure to do your own homework to find the best private tutor using these tips.

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1. Determine Your Need

Obviously, every child is different and has different needs. With that in mind, before you even begin looking for a tutor, consider what you and your child need. Are you looking for someone with expertise in a single subject, or are you more interested in a generalist who could help your child with any subject? Also, you’ll want to decide approximately how many tutoring sessions your child will need each week, as availability plays a big role in hiring a tutor.

2. Define Your Goals

Along with determining your needs, you’ll want to outline a few goals for your tutor and your child. Doing so will help you better evaluate potential candidates. You may want to work with your child’s teacher on this step. Consider questions such as:

• Does my child just need help with homework, or is he in need of remediation?
• Are we looking for better skills, improved motivation, or developing study habits in my child?
• What is my child’s learning style?

Answering a few of these questions will help you define your goals for the tutor, which plays an important role in the hiring process. This post is brought to you by: tutoring near me.

3. Consider Your Options

As you begin looking for a tutor, there are a variety of options to consider. Each of these options comes with different tutor availability, level of expertise, and even expected compensation. There are at least four places to look when trying to find a private tutor, so be sure to exhaust them all, and don’t just settle for someone you don’t think is a good fit for you and your child. When looking for a private tutor, consider:

• Asking your child’s counselor or teacher. Most school systems have a list of preferred tutors to whom they can refer you. This is a good route to go, as the school system should have already evaluated the individual’s capacity to work with a child prior to recommending him or her.
• Look in the local paper. Many private tutors advertise in the local paper, so this can be a good place to do a little research on your own. Be sure to look for the tutor’s credentials if he or she is advertising in the paper.
• Ask for suggestions from your friends and neighbors. Many tutors’ best business is spread by word-of-mouth. Your friend or neighbor may know of a retired or stay-at-home-parent teacher who may be willing to help your child. Just be sure to determine if the individual knows the subject matter you need.
• Consider a private learning center. Another option is going to a private learning center, such as Sylvan or Kumon, to find a tutor. Typically these centers work with children on general concerns, such as reading comprehension, but it is worth considering.

4. Determine a Budget

As frustrating as it may be, price is a factor in finding the right tutor. A more expensive tutor may actually serve your child better than one who charges less, so keep this in mind as you are looking for a tutor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Having a budget upfront can help you determine what will or won’t work for your family. Also, be sure to ask about the tutor’s payment policies and any cancellation policies up front.

5. Evaluate Your Options

As you find different available tutors, go a step further and do a little investigation. Come up with a few different options, and then meet with each individual to choose the best fit. As you meet, be sure to ask a few questions, such as:

• What is your educational background?
• What is your teaching experience?
• How will you assess my child’s needs?
• What teaching methods do you use?
• What do you, as the tutor, expect from me, the parent?
• When are you available?
• How long do you expect tutoring to last?
• What results have you been able to achieve with other clients?
• Do you have any references whom I can contact?

6. Stay Involved

Once you have selected a tutor for your child, the best thing you can do is stay involved in the process. Observe some of the tutoring sessions, and be sure to monitor progress by asking for feedback and watching for improvement in the classroom. If the tutor doesn’t seem like a good fit, then move on to a new one.

Finding the right tutor for your child requires a good bit of work on your part, but having someone who is going to do the job and do it well is invaluable for you and your child.

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